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Work from anywhere in the world and our professional staff will provide you with the benefits of a central Moncton presence. Enhance your company image by making Prestige Executive Center your own location, in the event you are unable to take calls, a voicemail can be used or, if you prefer, messages can be left with our receptionist and e-mailed to you accordingly, use our address on your stationery, have your mail and faxes directed to Prestige Executive Center and meet clients in a choice of impressive, well equipped meeting rooms.

As a Vitural Client you will benefit from certain privileges of access from Prestige Executive Center's services.


These services include:

  • Bilingual Customer Service

  • Published Telephone Number

  • Bilingual Phone Answering with Custom Greeting

  • Voicemail

  • Business Address

  • Incoming Mail and Courier Handling

  • Personal Keyed Mailbox

  • Faxing, Photocopying, Scanning and Printing Services

  • Business Hour Access (Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 5:00 pm)

  • Flexible Contract Terms of any Duration


Our clients Succeed Because:

  • We save our clients huge dollars in personnel costs.

  • We increase productivity by freeing up valuable time

  • We provide a highly professional image for every client.



Prestige Executive Center Offers Three Types of Virtual Services


Mail Plan:

Image for success! Have your mail delivered to our address for a corporate image that will enhance your business status. Our Prestige Mail Plan includes: Mail/courier receiving and forwarding to your assigned mailbox within our Business Center or to another address as specified by your company.


Telephone Answering Plan:

Flexibility for convenience! Step out of the office for a meeting or lunch and let us handle your calls! We will answer your calls in a professional manner to your specifications. Arrange with us to notify you automatically by e-mail for each message or call us upon your return for your messages. Our telephone answering plan includes: a business telephone number, bilingual phone answering with custom greeting, call screening/forwarding and voicemail.


Prestige Executive Virtual Office Plan:

Combine our Telephone Answering Plan and our Mail Plan services for efficiency and results! Our Executive Virtual Office Plan includes:

  • Assigned Telephone Number within our Facility

  • Published Telephone Number

  • Bilingual Telephone Answering with your Business Custom Greeting

  • Professional Bilingual Customer Service

  • Call Screening, Forwarding and Voicemail

  • Unlimited Voicemail Access

  • Message Forwarding to E-mail

  • Prestigious Business Address

  • Mail/Courier Receiving and Forwarding

  • Postal Services

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