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Bilingual Administrative Services


Bilingual Adminstrative Services are available to you on an as required basis to assist you in a variety of tasks such as presentations, databases, special projects and general office support duties to allow you to focus on the expansion of your business.  Our professional staff is committed to providing exceptional services and will gladly go out of their way to ensure the service you and your clients are receiving is of the utmost quality.   Bilingual Administrative Services are available on a 15 minute increment rate, so you only pay for exactly what you need.  A cost-saving solution to hiring, training, supervising and employee benefit expenses. 


Word processing is one of our specialities, we can help you with word processing and database management services for those ongoing projects that are too time consuming for you to deal with.  We also offer clerical service on demand for those unexpected, time critical issues.  Why put up with the hassle of trying to handle everything yourself?  Take advantage of our expertise and let us tackle all your word processing jobs!

  • $7.00 for 15 Minutes

  • $14.00 for 30 Minutes

  • $21.00 for 45 Minutes

  • $25.00 for 60 Minutes

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